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The Solution Of Water-jet Loom Electromechanical Control System
- Aug 07, 2017 -

            WS1000 Water-jet Weaving Electromechanical control system is a new a high-performance products introduced by Shanghai Witten in 2012, it provides a complete set of electronic control system including the main controller of the Loom, the electronic coiling and delivery warp, the weft, etc., which includes the ARM core high speed CPU, and optional spindle energy-saving motor, average energy-saving $number. The system uses the modular design, the system configuration and the function has the detachable nature, simultaneously satisfies the high and low end user demand, may according to the customer needs to choose the different function module, like two sprays, three sprays, four sprays and so on. The operation interface of the electronic coiling system, the weft and the main controller of the loom is concentrated on a display screen, which improves the convenience of the operation and facilitates the adjustment of parameters, easy installation and maintenance.Water Jet Loom

           The Water-jet loom is a shuttle-free loom which uses the Jet water column to pull the weft through the spindle. The frictional tractive force of the water jet weft is larger than that of the jet weft, and the diffusion is small, which adapts to the smooth surface of synthetic fiber and glass fiber. At the same time can increase the conductivity of the fiber, effectively overcome the electrostatic in the weaving. In addition, the jet weft consumes less energy and has the lowest noise.Water Jet Loom

           The function of weft insertion mechanism is to introduce weft into the spindle, so that it can be woven into fabric with warp. The weft-insertion mechanism of Water-jet looms is based on water, and the use of high-pressure water spray relies on the friction of water and yarn to introduce weft into the spindle, which makes the Water-jet loom advantageous in speed, labor saving and energy saving, but is limited to weaving hydrophobic fabrics.Water Jet Loom