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The Level Of Domestic Air Jet Loom Needs To Be Improved
- Jul 17, 2017 -

             Because of the high speed of air-jet loom, the adaptability of fabric variety is increasing, and the market demand is great. In recent years, China imports a large number of air-jet looms each year, many domestic loom factory saw this potential product, want to develop the production of Air-jet looms, but the development of Air-jet loom has a greater difficulty. The domestic development and production of pipeline film Air-jet loom, starting in the early 80 's (actually developed the wind-shield jet woven confidential back to the last century 60 's), Xianyang textile Machinery, Shanghai textile Machinery, Shenyang Textile machinery using technology, the combination of technical and trade in the production of Japanese tsudakoma, Toyota and Nissan models, through a tortuous road. At present, with Xianyang and Shanghai Textile machinery as the representative of the textile machinery Enterprise production of Tsuda colt and Toyota models, although sales are very low, but the training of a group of familiar with the Japanese Air-jet loom talent, the two types of supporting parts of the supporting capacity has been greatly enhanced, especially the control of domestic Air-jet loom production capacity of the electronic control system after years of continuous groping, gradually realize localization. The function, reliability and stability of the electronic control system have been greatly improved. These factors are conducive to the development of domestic air-jet loom.Air Jet Loom

            Air-jet loom manufacturers have been developed by a few years ago 3 to the current more than 10, mainly the production of Tsudakoma and Toyota models to produce Tsuda colt models. At present, the main manufacturers have Jingwei shares, Zhejiang daily Hair, Titan, Jiangsu, Wan, Hebei Shijiazhuang textile Machinery, Shaanxi Pu, Shandong Red Flag and so on. As a result of domestic air-jet loom performance to achieve stability there is a process, therefore, domestic air-jet loom by the user also need a certain amount of time. These more than 10 enterprises must also undergo a process of survival of the fittest, the real future can only be a few.Air Jet Loom

            In 2006, the domestic Air-jet loom total sales of about 2000 units, including Jingwei shares (Xianyang textile machine) accounted for 1200 units. 2007, domestic Air-jet loom sales about 2500 units, the production of larger manufacturers is the Japanese hair spinning machine and Jingwei shares (Xianyang textile machine). But this year, by weaving market constraints, domestic Air-jet loom sales will be reduced, but in the long run, Air-jet looms still have a broad market and user demand.Air Jet Loom