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The Classification Of Shuttleless Looms Do You Know?
- Jun 14, 2017 -

    The shuttleless loom is a new type of loom after the shuttle loom. Shuttleless loom with its weight light, small vibration, low noise, fast speed, high efficiency, the rapid occupation of the loom market.

    Loom has a variety of categories. According to the fabric fiber classification can be divided into cotton spinning machine, wool loom, sack loom, silk loom and so on. According to the weaving of the weft insertion method can be divided into shuttle loom and shuttleless loom two categories. The shuttle loom is made of traditional shuttle (wood shuttle or plastic shuttle) weft loom. The shuttle has a large volume, heavy weight, repeated projection, machine vibration, high noise, slow speed, low efficiency.Shuttleless Loom Shuttleless Loom

    Type of shuttleless loom Shuttleless Loom

    The weft loom weft way is varied, there are rapier, jet (jet, spray), shuttle, multi-shed (multi-phase) and weaving and so on.Shuttleless Loom

1, rapier loom: with a rigid or flexible rapier head, bring hold, guide weft. In addition to suitable for weaving plain weave and weave fabric, rapier loom is characterized by easy color change, suitable for multi-color weft fabric, suitable for yarn-dyed, double velvet fabric, terry fabric and decorative fabric production.

2, air-jet loom: with the jet of compressed air to the weft yarn traction, the weft with the shed. The biggest feature of air-jet looms is fast speed, high labor productivity, suitable for plain and pattern fabric, fine special high-density fabric and large fabric production.Shuttleless Loom

3, water jet looms: the use of water as the weft insertion medium, the jet flow on the weft to produce friction traction, so that the weft on the fixed cheese into the shed. Water jet looms are characterized by high speed and high unit yield. They are mainly applied to the production of smooth, hydrophobic filament chemical fiber fabrics.

4, the shuttle loom: clip with a small sheet-like shuttle clip weft, projection weft. The shuttle loom has the advantages of weft insertion stability, excellent fabric quality and low weft yarn. It is suitable for multi-color weft fabric, fine, thick fabric and wide fabric production.Shuttleless Loom