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Shuttleless Loom Accessories
- Aug 19, 2017 -

             Felt Belt series: High temperature felt conveyor belt, blanket belt, blanket ironing mat series, heat transfer machine blankets, banner machine blankets, felt conveyor belts, blankets conveyor belt, food machine wool belt, felt mop belt, high temperature felt tube, high temperature felt strips (180 spent $number); PPO ring belt, high temperature ring belt, medium temperature seamless belt, low temperature sleeve belt, high temperature felt roller for aluminum profiles; leather Industry: special-purpose water blankets for leather machinery, ironing machine felt sets, blankets. Textile, printing and dyeing industry special printing machine blanket, ironing flat blanket, pre-shrinking machine blanket belt, flat ironing machine conveyor blanket belt, hot blanket, steam-type ironing machine blanket, ironing blankets and other machinery blanket belt ironing blankets and so on.Shuttleless Loom

             Felt sleeve (also known as: felt drum, felt belt, blanket belt, blanket belt, Ring belt) performance features: 1. The production of imported materials, high temperature resistance 220 ℃. If necessary, the use of special materials to produce high temperature resistance 300℃-500 degree. 2. Felt sleeve contains high temperature heat shrinkable base material, after the high-temperature heating, the felt sleeve will automatically shrink forming, wrap tightly, and then shrink deformation after treatment. 3. The human mechanism blankets the surface formation, the density uniformity, the specification standard, does not have the different raising, the abrasion resistance is good, the service life is long. High Temperature Acupuncture felt: 1. The production of imported materials, commonly used specifications have a temperature of 180 degrees-220 degrees and 230-300 ℃ two. Applicable to the Italian flushing road, pull hair, full field, Santex, Japan Valley, Dezhou 691.692, haining pre-shrinking machine commonly used models.Shuttleless Loom

              Industrial felt conveyor belt, ring conveyor belt, industrial blankets, industrial hot felt and so on. Widely used in: steel production, steel plate slitting, aluminum processing, casting, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, printing, leather, washing, industrial ironing and other industries. The main products are: 1, high temperature felt belt, conveyor belt, temperature resistance 200-500 ℃; steel production conveyor belts, aluminum processing conveyor belts, heat transfer printing blankets, high-temperature conveyor belt, roll pleated machine cover Blanket, ironing machine cover blanket, guide belt, Ironing mat, High-temperature mat. 2, in the room temperature blanket belt, temperature resistance of 200 ℃ below; corrugated needle conveyor belt, pneumatic conveyor belt, shrink machine blanket, ironing machine cover blanket, guide blanket, mat, battery coating strip, help roll machine belt, Machine felt.Shuttleless Loom