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Product Development Of Water Jet Loom
- Jun 29, 2017 -

             Water jet weaving because the weft thread is "carried" by the water beam, weft silk is basically a free flight state, so the head end fluffy or reinforced twist and torque of the weft, or by the silk shuttle mouth slightly unclear, it is difficult to complete the flight, so the raw materials and products of poor adaptability, in the 1980s, can only be woven nylon nes and polyester flat-spinning mainly. After years of research on textile technicians, there has been a great change and breakthrough. There are mainly the following aspects.Water Jet Loom

            (1) Double spray, free weft and Dobby loom make the product colorful. Water-jet weaving originally with single spray single type weft plate openings mainly, because of the breakthrough of high speed technology of Dobby opening mechanism, it adapts to weaving of high speed water-jet loom and obtains a wide application, combined with the research and popularization of double spray and free weft separation technology, so the current Water-jet loom can be woven.Water Jet Loom

Make twill, Satin and Sanyuan organization change organization, and can weave the sliver, lattice fabric, also can weave the small pattern fabric, makes the weaving fabric rich and colorful, ever-changing.

           (2) from a single conventional fiber weaving, to weaving differentiated fibers and weaving simulation of silk, wool-like fabric development. In the past to use 75dtex (68 denier), 77dtex (70 denier), Llodtex (100 denier), 165dtex (150 denier) and other conventional polyester silk, nylon yarn weaving mainly. At present not only can weave conventional silk, also can weave low elastic wire, strong twist silk, different contraction silk, not only can weave ordinary silk, but also can weave fine denier silk, superfine denier silk, split type superfine silk, not only can weave a single fiber, but also can weave the compound silk, wrapping the filament. The raw material is the base of variety development, the breakthrough of weaving material makes the limitation of the weaving of the water jet loom greatly reduced.

           (3) from the development of woven thin fabric to thin, medium and thick can be woven. Silk products to thin-type fabrics, while the trend of fashion "thin fabric to thick fabric development, thick-type fabric to thin-type development", silk products, especially wool-like silk products also to the thick type of development. So the water jet loom is strengthened by the frame, and the weft-insertion mechanism is improved, the heavy-type fabric weaving on the Water-jet loom is very smooth, imitation wool silk, heavy synthetic fiber silk, strong twist imitation hemp thick silk, can be woven on the Water-jet loom, changed the past weaving a single thin-type product situation.Water Jet Loom

           (4) The width of the fabric reaches 160-180c and above. In the past, the woven fabric width of the Water-jet loom is generally 1lOcm, after the improvement of the weft-insertion nozzle and the pump, the woven width of the fabric has reached 160-180c and above, which is well adapted to the requirements of the contemporary garment-making technology. The yield of synthetic fiber simulation silk has accounted for more than 80% of the silk industry. It is because the Water-jet loom in weaving raw materials, fabric organization, silk weight and width and other technical difficulties have a greater breakthrough, coupled with the high production and efficiency of Water-jet loom, so that water-jet loom become silk industry weaving synthetic fiber and synthetic fiber simulation silk main machine.Water Jet Loom