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Problems And Solutions In The Work Of Water Jet Loom
- Sep 20, 2017 -

     The Water-jet loom is a shuttle-free loom which uses the Jet water column to pull the weft through the spindle. The frictional tractive force of the water jet weft is larger than that of the jet weft, and the diffusion is small, which adapts to the smooth surface of synthetic fiber and glass fiber. At the same time can increase the conductivity of the fiber, effectively overcome the electrostatic in the weaving. In addition, the jet weft consumes less energy and has the lowest noise.Water Jet Loom

     What is the cloud spot? Is the phenomenon that occurs in the inner layer of the cloth, seemingly uneven gloss of the horizontal profile. In general, it is easy to take place on the thin fabric, and only by reducing the hardness of the roll cloth to be solved. What is the crossbar? refers to the phenomenon of fabric defects due to uneven weft density caused by the water jet loom. What is the case for the use of the Densitometer?Water Jet Loom

     The unevenness of weft density can be judged by the density meter. If the allowable range is exceeded, it is judged to be a horizontal file. From the general common sense, the number of units that can be judged is 4 ~ Taiwan. How can there be other manufacturers of the same kind of yarn used for weft insertion? In general common sense, it is impossible to cross the entire machine in the same fabric. Therefore, the use of other manufacturers of the same type, the same fiber yarn to the weft, to confirm whether the occurrence.Water Jet Loom

     What are the other varieties? That is, it is best to have different types of fabrics. What is the unevenness of the weft? It is the uneven fabric defects that result from unevenness and twist of the fiber. What is the volume of the machine bad? In theory it is possible, but it is impossible to look at machines manufactured under conditions of good precision and quality management. What does the inconsistency of the specification mean?Water Jet Loom

    Each type of machine has its own design scope. This refers to the machine in the rotating number, the total tension of the warp, the weight of the weft, the output power of the motor, the density of the warp and the number of frames, and the size of the fabric is inconsistent.Water Jet Loom