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Introduction To The Characteristics Of Air Jet Loom
- Jul 07, 2017 -

    The Air-jet loom is a shuttle-free loom which uses the jet air to pull the weft through the spindle. The working principle is to use the air as the weft-insertion medium, to draw the friction traction of the weft by ejecting the compressed airflow, to carry the weft through the shuttle mouth, and to achieve the aim of weft insertion by jet jets. Features: This weft-insertion method can make the loom achieve high speed and high yield. In several shuttle-free loom, Air-jet loom is one of the highest speed, because of the reasonable weft insertion, high weft insertion rate, easy operation and safety, with wide adaptability, less machine material consumption, high efficiency, high speed and low noise, it has become the most promising new cloth machine. The biggest disadvantage of air jet looms is the high energy consumption.Air Jet Loom
    Product Features: 1, a new type of electronic control system weaving navigation in the loom operation of the loom working status monitoring, for all the situation to guide the weaving machine using the best weaving technology. For weaving conditions and fabric specifications, can automatically set a better process parameters. Furthermore, the automatic setting system of the parking stall and the setting system of weft insertion parameters are improved. 2, the new type of active loose-warp device in order to match with the loom super high-speed phase matching RFJA20 type Air-jet loom designed a new type of active loose warp device, so that its strength, suitable for high-speed. The mechanism is designed in the outer side of the loom wall board, and the eccentric adjustment operation is very simple. 3, the low vibration of the weft balance system on both sides of the box frame and beam using a high rigidity mechanism design, even in high-speed weaving fabric, its anti-vibration and durability are good. The middle support mechanism and the swing balancer on the rocker axis are the standard equipment, and the computer analysis can realize the smooth and powerful weft. Even at high speeds, low vibrations can be made to stabilize the weft and weave high quality fabrics.Air Jet Loom
   High-speed adaptability due to the use of a highly rigid structure of the rack, the large diameter of the axis of the weaving gear and the active in the oil bath in the drive shaft, so that the loom further realized high-speed, can be more sensitive to the weaving requirements of high-density fabrics. Double rear-beam mechanism is used for double rear-beam configuration, and the warp tension of the spindle from the full axis to the air axis remains constant and is suitable for weaving of various heavy or lightweight fabrics. The new type solenoid valve with integrated flow cavity in energy-saving weft insertion system is highly sensitive, and the air pressure is stabilized to achieve the stable weft insertion at super high speed when the precision jet is carried out. The synthesis of the front beam and the air groove is directly connected with the new solenoid valve, which shortens the distance from the solenoid valve to the nozzle, enhances the high speed adaptability and reduces the air consumption.Air Jet Loom