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Internal Structure Of Water Jet Loom
- Sep 11, 2017 -

     In the Loom, in order to make the weaving process can be carried out continuously, the woven fabric must be continuously and evenly removed from the loom and rolled into a certain volume, which is the coiling movement of the fabric. The coiling motion is done by the take-up mechanism. The weft tightness of the woven fabric is determined directly by the take-up mechanism. The coiling mechanism has two forms of mechanical coiling and electronic coiling.Water Jet Loom

     Structure and principle of mechanical coiling mechanism: The coiling mechanism of Water-jet looms is an active continuous coiling device. When the loom is running, the synchronous belt pulley and the synchronous belt pulley on the spindle 1, Transmission gear box 4, through the clutch gear and coiling active gear transmission Three transformation gears, the last one to transform gear transmission gear, with the gears with the axis of the sprocket and pinion, pinion gear can be driven by the gear, while the coiling gear and friction roller coaxial, So the friction roll is driven together.Water Jet Loom

     The surface of the friction roller is coated with a layer of rough rubber, and the fabric is sent to the roll cloth roll under the action of two press rolls and friction with the fabric around the surface of the friction roller. Roll cloth Roller is driven by the chain drive flywheel, with the flywheel coaxial gear transmission and roll cloth Roller 7 Coaxial Roll of the active gear, thereby driving the roll cloth Roll 7 rotation. With the roll cloth roll continuously coiling fabric, roll cloth roller diameter increasing, the tension of the fabric is increased, at this time, the volume of brake 8 to play the role of skidding, so that the rolling speed of the roll cloth roll slow, so that the tension of the fabric down, keep at a certain level.Water Jet Loom

    Manual coiling and rewinding, you can take the coiling pedal, so that the clutch meshing gear off, and then turn the roll to take the handle, you can manually coiling and rewinding. The number of weft roots contained in the fabric of a unit length is the weft density of the fabric, also known as the weft or weft density of the fabric. The metric weft is calculated as a unit of 10cm (the imperial weft is measured as an L-inch). Water Jet Loom

    The weft tightness of the fabric depends on the length of the fabric, which is woven into a weft in the loom during a working cycle of the Loom. The length of the coiling is long, the weft is small, the length of the coiling is short, and the weft density is large. Therefore, when changing the fabric variety, if the weft density of the fabric is different, the take-up mechanism must be adjusted accordingly.Water Jet Loom