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Conveying System Description Of Air Jet Loom
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The direct drive and braking of the reluctance motor can be stepless speed regulation, the Super Start motor drive, the electromagnetic brake braking, the ordinary motor and the flywheel and clutch drive, the electromagnetic brake brake. The weft flight status is detected by the weft detector, and the instructions to determine the normal flight and to make an outage or to continue operation are made by the Weft control unit. There is an electrical contact rod through the stop device, far-infrared detection of the device and the carding type through stop device. At present, the use of the suspension type, according to the secret can be used 4, 6 or 8 columns.Air Jet Loom

Using microcomputer as the control core, respectively control the weft insertion, weft selection, weft storage, delivery and loom movement, set the weaving process parameters on the keyboard (warp tension, color, solenoid valve opening and closing time, etc.). Control the corresponding action by each control unit, in the loom before or around or in the middle of each has a button plate, convenient block operation.Air Jet Loom

The early weft insertion system of Air-jet loom is to use a porous nozzle to direct the jet air into the shuttle. This method of weft insertion is very serious, the velocity of air flow in the shuttle is very fast, the air turbulence in the outlet side of the shuttle is not effective to traction the weft, the effective length of weft insertion is less than 1m, the weft shrinkage and weft deficiency are difficult to avoid, and the pressure required by weft insertion is higher and the power consumption is high. Its advantage is the air consumption is small, can use the common reed to hit the weft, the reed cost is low. However, because of the weft, the pipeline should be placed below the weaving mouth, the mechanism needs to adapt to the requirements of the downward swing of the pipeline, not conducive to high-speed operation.Air Jet Loom 

The friction between the pipeline and the warp requires the high quality of the original yarn and the sizing, and the fabric is also restricted. The main and auxiliary nozzle relay weft insertion, the special reed guidance Airflow weft insertion method overcomes these problems. Its continuous improvement, so that air-jet loom become high-speed, high efficiency, high quality, wide amplitude, labor-saving, high degree of automation has the potential to develop the loom.Air Jet Loom

Air-jet loom air conveying system is compressed air from the air compressor, through the distribution tube to the loom on the air filter, filtered air through the pressure regulator in the box regulating pressure valve after the regulation, distributed to the injection device of the implementation devices.Air Jet Loom

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