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Control Of The Core System Of Air Jet Loom
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Control system: Using micro-computer as control core, respectively control weft insertion, weft selection, weft storage, warp and loom movement, set weaving process parameters on the keyboard (warp tension, color, solenoid valve opening and closing time, etc.). Control the corresponding action by each control unit, in the loom before or around or in the middle of each has a button plate, convenient block operation.Air Jet Loom

The opening mechanism of the Air-jet loom is: Crank connecting rod openings, cam openings, dobby openings and jacquard openings. Crank bar opening mechanism can only be used for weaving plain weave fabric, generally 4-page box, the current jet loom less used. Cam openings can be equipped with a maximum of 8-page box, according to the configuration of different types of cam, can be woven plain, twill, satin and corduroy and other fabrics. Multi-arm opening mechanism can be equipped with 16-page fully-framed, can be woven small jacquard fabric, suitable for more varieties of fabric. Jacquard opening mechanism has 1344 needles, 2688 needles, up to more than 20,000 needles, can be woven large jacquard fabric, in the air jet loom more and more applications.Air Jet Loom

The characteristics of cam openings according to the frame-driven mechanism can be divided into two types: negative and positive. The negative cam opening mechanism consists of an open cam box, a wire rope and a guide wheel, and a back to a comprehensive box. It is controlled by the back-full spring in the integrated box reset. The active open cam mechanism uses the conjugate cam to drive the full frame to lift, without needing to return the integrated device. European Air-jet loom multi-configuration active cam opening mechanism, up to 8 full-page box. Japanese model multi-match negative cam openings.Air Jet Loom