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Clutch Of Shuttleless Loom
- Jul 20, 2017 -

             The electromagnetic clutch in the shuttle-less loom is a special clutch in the range of the single clutch product, which starts in the late 80 's, and develops synchronously with the shuttle-less loom. Its products are mainly divided into combination clutch (clutch and brake components), electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic teeth clutch and other types. This type of product specifications, parameters, performance, installation dimensions, starting and braking torque (dynamic torque), transfer torque (static torque) and other performance indicators to meet the needs of the shuttle-less loom; mainly by the United States Warnir, Keb Clutch Company, Japan three-wood clutch company, Germany z? F Transmission companies and other world-renowned clutch professional manufacturers manufacturing.

              The product has successfully extended the effective structure theory of multiple electromagnetic clutch to the special electromagnetic clutch of loom, the traditional structure of the single clutch is improved, the structure performance of the special clutch is perfected, the performance of the product is greatly improved, which satisfies the special demand of the clutch for the shuttle-free loom. Compared with the general-purpose clutch, this type of product is not series, with the development of the shuttle looms and constantly upgrading. Modern new loom (Shuttle-less loom) can realize high speed, high efficiency and reliability, which is closely related to the development of the special clutch of loom, which has become a new development category in the single electromagnetic clutch.Shuttleless Loom

             The special clutch of loom should meet the requirements of the shuttle-free loom to install, debug, repair, high transmission torque and high starting, braking torque, to achieve rapid starting (rapid combination), rapid braking (rapid stop) and many other aspects of performance.Shuttleless Loom

              Jet, Water-jet loom due to the relatively light load, mainly with the starting torque of the motor to achieve rapid start, with electromagnetic brakes to achieve rapid braking, stop. Projectile loom because there is no movement of the sword head inertia, and jet, Water-jet loom similar, also use the starting characteristics of good motor directly start. The special clutch of the three kinds of shuttle-less loom is the variant of the single electromagnetic clutch.Shuttleless Loom