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Classification And Induction Of Shuttleless Loom
- Sep 11, 2017 -

     The weft-insertion method of shuttle-less loom is various, including Rapier, Jet (Jet, water spray), projectile, multi spindle mouth (multiphase) and knitting. Rapier loom: The use of rigid or flexible rapier head, to bring clamping, guidance weft. Rapier loom In addition to the appropriate weaving plain and grain fabric, its characteristics are easy to change color, suitable for multi-color weft fabric, suitable for color weaving, double-layer velvet fabric, terry fabric and decorative fabric production.Shuttleless Loom

     Air-jet loom: The weft is pulled by a jet of compressed airflow, and the weft is carried over the spindle mouth. The biggest characteristic of Air-jet looms is the fast speed and high labor productivity, which is suitable for the production of flat and grain fabrics, fine density fabrics and large quantities of fabrics. Water-jet loom: Using water as the weft-insertion medium, the jet flow is used to produce friction traction on the weft, so that the weft on the fixing package is introduced into the spindle. Water-jet loom is characterized by high speed and high unit output, which is mainly applicable to the production of surface smooth hydrophobic filament fiber fabrics.Shuttleless Loom

     Shuttle loom: A small piece of clip-shaped shuttle clip holding weft, projection weft. Gripper loom has the advantages of stability of weft insertion, excellent quality of fabric, less weft yarn, etc., and is suitable for the production of multicolor weft fabric, fine dense fabric and wide fabric. The common basic features of the four types of shuttle-less loom are to separate the weft rolls from the shuttle, or to carry only a small amount of weft to replace the large and heavy shuttle with a little and light weft, providing favorable conditions for high speed weft insertion.Shuttleless Loom

     In the supply of weft, and directly using the package coil, through the weft device into the weft insertion mechanism, so that the loom out of the frequent weft-filling action. Shuttleless Loom

    Therefore, it is of great significance to use shuttle-less loom to increase fabric variety, adjust fabric structure, reduce fabric defects, improve fabric quality, reduce noise and improve working conditions. No shuttle loom high speed, usually more than the shuttle loom efficiency 4-8 times higher, so large area of the application of shuttle-free loom, can greatly improve labor productivity.Shuttleless Loom