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Application Status Of Shuttleless Loom Technology In China
- Aug 24, 2017 -

              The shuttle-free loom is a rapier loom. Air-jet looms. The general designation of Water-jet looms, the high-end Non-woven loom is the ultimate goal of textile enterprise transformation. However, many textile enterprises at home and abroad a single type of weaving, quality requirements in general, the pursuit of higher efficiency, reduce production costs, reduce investment, spend money to do great things. Such a simple shuttle-free loom by the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises like.Shuttleless Loom

              China's existing various types of shuttle-less loom has nearly 900,000 units. In recent years, the average annual import of all kinds of shuttle-free loom about 20,000 $number million units around, domestic non-woven loom annual production capacity can also reach more than 30,000 units $number million units, simple GA74 rapier loom more than 50,000 units in annual sales; in the condition of annual increment, the total amount of imports is decreasing year by year, in particular, rapier loom, indicating that the domestic medium-grade non-woven loom has been gradually replaced by imported looms, with the change of tariff policy, domestic and high-end non-woven loom self-sufficiency will be steadily increasing. However, it should be seen that the largest use of domestic non-woven loom or all kinds of water-jet loom and simple rapier loom, industry and technology progress urgently needed high-end mechanical and electrical integration of rapier and Air-jet loom mainly rely on imports; according to the industry "Eleven-Five" development planning: to vigorously develop shuttle-free loom, focus on speeding up the development of Air-jet loom and realize industrialization, improve the adaptability of weaving varieties of rapier loom. Therefore, as soon as possible to improve the domestic rapier loom and Air-jet loom technical level and industrialization has become one of the key objectives of the industry.Shuttleless Loom

             Overall, although the national or low-level production capacity is slightly larger (including shuttle looms and the middle and low shuttle loom), but the high level of production capacity, especially supporting, serialization products have been a greater degree of improvement, weaving production level has improved in quality. For the textile industry "Eleven-Five" period will accelerate the pace of six structural adjustment, weaving industry non-woven fabric proportion to reach 70%, and comprehensively improve the industrial science and technology content requirements, product structure adjustment is very important. For all kinds of new weaving equipment already owned by the country, the product designer can fully explore the structural adjustment work according to the requirement of high-grade products, especially the special fine number (tex~2.9 Tex) series products (including mercerized singeing, compact spinning); a variety of fiber blends, disjoint, interwoven products, high simulation of chemical fiber products, innovative functional eco-fibers and environmentally-friendly fiber products; Industrial series of textiles (base cloth, filter material, canopy cover cloth, rubber skeleton material class, Geotechnical, packaging and labor protection fabrics such as cloth, product market more stable, high efficiency; The above-mentioned products can not be fulfilled by the original shuttle loom in terms of the breadth requirement, the physical quality, the product's suitable weaving performance and so on, only the application of the new type of shuttle-less loom can be satisfied.Shuttleless Loom