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Analysis On The Weft Insertion Mechanism Of Water Jet Loom
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Waterjet loom electronic control system is the introduction of a high-performance products, including the ARM core to provide high-speed CPU as the core of the loom master, electronic volumes to send by the weft, such as the whole set of electronic control system, Another optional spindle energy-saving motor, the average energy saving 10% to 20%. Water Jet Loom

The system adopts modular design, system configuration and function are separable, and meet the needs of high and low end users, according to customer needs matching different functional modules, such as two spray, three spray, four spray and so on. And the electronic coiling to send through the system, weft storage and loom main controller interface are concentrated to a display, improve the convenience of operation, parameter adjustment is simple, easy installation and maintenance.Water Jet Loom

The function of the weft insertion mechanism is to introduce the weft into the shed so that it can be woven into the fabric with the warp. The weft insertion mechanism of the water jet loom is the use of water as the carrier, the use of high pressure water spray depends on the flow and the friction of the yarn will be weft into the shed, which makes the water jet loom in speed, effort, energy saving and other advantages, But limited to weaving hydrophobic fabrics.Water Jet Loom

When the cam is diverted from a small radius to a large radius, the coupling rod 5 is moved to the left by the pump cam lever, so that the pump spring 3 is compressed, a negative pressure is formed inside the pump, the inlet check valve 6 is opened, the outlet check valve 7 off, the water is sucked into the pump from the float box. When the cam suddenly drops from the maximum radius to the minimum radius, the pump plunger 2 is moved to the right by the action of the pump spring 3 and the pressure is applied directly to the water column in the suction pump. Water Jet Loom

At this time, the inlet check valve 6 is closed, The check valve 7 is opened and the water is pumped out of the pump and discharged through the nozzle nozzle.Water Jet Loom

The effect of the yarn extruder is to control the weft to enter the shed and end the flight and the weft grip, is an indispensable part of the weft insertion mechanism. Divided into mechanical pressure and electronic pressure yarn two. The electronic press is controlled by an electronic control program for opening and closing for dual nozzles and multi-nozzles. Mechanical presses are mainly used for single nozzles. When the loom is running, the gripping of the gripper cam causes the cam link 4 to swing, causing the gripper link 5 to swing, thereby causing the gripper shaft 7 to move up and down to control the weft into the shed and end the flight.Water Jet Loom