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Air Jet Loom Scissors Mechanism
- Aug 07, 2017 -

             The role and classification of scissors mechanism: general Air-jet loom scissors mechanism can be divided into yarn side scissors mechanism and drive side scissors mechanism two parts. The effect of the yarn side scissors is to cut the weft in time after each weft insertion, so that the next weft is introduced. The effect of the driving side scissors is to cut off the excess weft from the edge of the cloth, so that the edges of the cloth are neat and beautiful.Air Jet Loom

             The scissors mechanism for the yarn side: This mechanism is mounted on the slide seat on the chest beam. The weft of the fabric and the main nozzle is cut after each weft insertion for the next weft insertion. The drive mode of the side scissors: the scissors cam rotates on the spindle, pushing the scissors arm to pull the scissors rod and driving the scissors to move the blade. Cut the weft according to the set timing after each weft. The yarn side scissors must cut the weft at each action, otherwise the next weft can not be carried out. The yarn side scissors are arranged between the main nozzle and the edge of the cloth. Cut the yarn time in 30°, at this time, the weft has been interwoven with the warp, the main nozzle high-pressure airflow has stopped spraying. The weft is cut behind, in the constant spraying air action, stay in the main nozzle, waiting for the next weft.Air Jet Loom

             Transmission side scissors mechanism: the front side of the side brace installed before the weaving. When the end of the weft and the edge of the yarn are interwoven to the direction of the weaving mouth to move to the scissors, scissors will cut the weft, the edge of the yarn and cloth separated and arrested edge coiling mechanism recycled to the waste edge of the bucket. The purpose of trimming the excess weft over the cloth from the edge of the cloth is to make the edge of the cloth neat and beautiful.Air Jet Loom