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Air Jet Loom
- Aug 24, 2017 -

             The above views on the shuttle and Water-jet loom, to some extent, reduce the selection of the leading loom in the domestic shuttle loom, in view of our country national power and the actual application condition in the last more than 20 years, it has been proved that the rapier and Air-jet loom are the leading loom in our country without shuttle loom, the former is of strong adaptability, the latter has high output, especially after adopting many kinds of new technologies, the unit output energy consumption has decreased. According to our country's established weaving technological transformation route is according to the product request grade, the stratification level transformation; therefore the development shuttle loom should use in the production marketable product, according to the product grade, chooses the corresponding level the model.Air Jet Loom

              At present, Rapier and Air-jet loom at home and abroad have been fully embodied in high-speed, intelligent, automatic, more applicable and high reliability, low failure rate of new weaving equipment. Therefore, how to choose different types of rapier and Air-jet loom in order to give full play to their own varieties suitable for the weaving machine is an important subject we face.Air Jet Loom

             Because of the late development and development of the current Air-jet loom, the quality stability and reliability of electronic control devices in China has a certain gap compared with foreign countries, so the middle-grade air-jet looms because of the import components, especially the electronic control parts, manufacturing costs are higher, no sales advantage. From the current market situation, more than 85% of the Air-jet looms are imported, domestic and high-grade air-jet loom cost-effective is the main factor affecting the application.Air Jet Loom

              The improvement of the level of domestic Air-jet loom provides the material foundation for the rapid development of Air-jet loom. such as the comprehensive box, profiled reed, main nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, opening device, some electronic control circuit boards, etc., although in the technical level and quality is not as foreign products, but has been able to meet the basic requirements, and low prices, timely delivery, only solenoid valve at a time is difficult to completely bulk replacement of imported.Air Jet Loom