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A Description Of The Built-in Structure Of The Shuttleless Loom
- Nov 02, 2017 -

In traditional textile engineering, the winding, weft, warping, twisting and no shuttle, knitting weft operation, the yarn must be through the process of technology lag gasket or horn SPRING tension plate appliances pressure control traction tension, ultra-high line speed operation to multiple spindles tension device, it touches the yarn harmful friction, hairiness regeneration, elongation difference, strong under the eccentric, hair flower attachment, Forming quality, noise expansion and many other problems.Shuttleless Loom

The question is how to optimize the qualitative and quantitative control of dynamic tension, from the process, technology, equipment and other status to improve the countermeasure means, to explore the best mature plan and the minimum decline in processing friction pair is important, this article lemma on the shuttle-free loom weft tension of the existing defects of the unreasonable control elements, put forward the use of new technology to recommend the introduction of countermeasures.Shuttleless Loom

Prototype speaker pressure spring tension plate clamping degree, the department relies on Rotary twist nylon nut Wages experience tension rotation (no lock), long use nylon nut can not self-locking often loose, it can not avoid the tension disc slowly rotating horn pressure spring rotary retreat nylon nut LAX, there are still spring rust and floral clothing to make tension control instability, It can be concluded that it is very difficult to use multiple weft-storage device around the drum to maintain weft tension without error, it is a free State without scale control is not attached to the technical defects.Shuttleless Loom

Self-weft The weft of the back on the drum, through the anti-lost yarn plastic Comb Brush Circle Introduction of the Guide yarn frame porcelain eye through the process of two V-type leaf spring combination clip holding weft and then wear after the ex-stage guide yarn porcelain eye into the selection of weft pointing porcelain hole, the weft is operated by two sets of V-shaped spring-type combination clamping and tension system, not only the two groups of V-type spring clamp-holding channels are easy to accumulate. , often weft with flowering wool guide into the weaving fabric defects, and more because of the V-type composite leaf spring material wear resistance, often leaf spring wear scars caused by the failure to find fault stop, and cut weft treatment through the operation of the inconvenience hand, need tools hook to wear.Shuttleless Loom