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Acupuncture geotextile PP spunbonded production line
- Aug 10, 2016 -

Significance and content: PP spunbonded Geotextile for acupuncture geotextile than PET better acid-alkaline, high tensile strength and elongation in geotechnical applications of Geotextile for better than the PET, especially saline geological conditions of civil engineering and construction of runways. Its characteristics cannot be substituted by PET spunbonded geotextile, its technology and its products in China is still blank.

Key technology: PP spunbonded acupuncture geotextile with General PP spun bonded non-woven fabric is different, generally employed a relatively lower raw material and fiber denier large, General 10d. Because of the larger PP hot melt value, low friction coefficient, spunbond production process, cooling and airflow stretching of the fibers need to be addressed and lapping and acupuncture consolidation problems